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Our Courses

Microsoft .NET

An introductory training to the ASP.NET and .NET coding using C#. This course provides an in-depth knowledge on the major aspects of .NET development including the Visual Studio Environment, Data Connections, Language Coding and Integration with UI Design Elements.


  • Deployment of .NET Projects
  • Mastering Advanced Techniques and Know-hows
  • Connections with Different Databases
  • Creation of Web Pages with Visual Studio


This training course cater the knowledge of the fundamentals of PHP and prepares the candidate with advanced development know-hows. This will make the candidate empowered in understanding the PHP Data Objects, Object Oriented Programming, Model View Controller Pattern etc.


  • Understand the fundamentals of PHP
  • Leaning of Object Oriented Programming
  • Use of Database Connection with MySQLi and others
  • Integration of CMS Framework with PHP


This is a one-stop training course designed to guide you from the beginning concepts of Java to advanced skills. This course will provide the foundational knowledge of Core Java, variables, operators, arrays, loops, methods and constructors; and extensive knowledge in JDBC, Junit and other concepts.


  • Understand basic Core Java
  • Implementation of multi-threading and exception handling techniques
  • Set up connections to a database with JDBC
  • Understand servlet fundamentals


This training course shall cater the knowledge of installing Oracle DB, fundamentals of database to set the stage for Oracle Architecture to advanced knowledge of understanding the Process and Memory Architecture, Tablespace management, Users and Security etc.


  • Learn the fundamentals to set the stage for Oracle Architecture
  • Understand various Data dictionary tables/views
  • Use of Tablespace management to manage space to store the data
  • Learn to manage User & Security


This training shall enable candidate be efficient in the knowledge need to successfully start working with MS SQL Databases and integration of database in various applications, correctly structure a database, write effective SQL Statements and Clauses.


  • Lean usage of Databases & Relationships
  • Use Common Query Tools and work with SQL commands
  • Understanding Transactions
  • Use of Stored Procedures


This course shall provide intense training from elementary knowledge like installing MySQL, to critical concepts for designing and administrating a MySQL database including limiting access, creating users, database backup and performance monitoring etc.


  • Learning Table, Views and Relationships
  • Using indexing for database performance
  • Understanding query analysis and optimization
  • Setting up replication in MySQL


This training course will empower the candidate to being an efficient Android app developer. This will provide the knowledge of basics of Android Studio with applied training on user interfaces, controls, layouts, services, APIs, etc.


  • Create project in Android Studio
  • Mastering on the Web Services / APIs
  • Learning the interfaces and controls
  • Use of wireless connectivity and syncing to the cloud

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About Us

We, at Kannectify, provide training in various disciplines of software development and administrating databases. These training courses are designed and mentored by industry professionals and experts as its faculty. Our leaning approaches does not only provide the hands-on trainings but extends the mock interview sessions, personality development grooming and placement assistance services.

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If you are a just degree pass out and looking forward to enrich your skill in industry standards to open up the doors of your dream jobs.


If you are a working employee and wanted to enhance your performance and to have some valuable add-on in your portfolio.